I enjoy every opportunity to speak to others about the blessings of inviting God into the workplace.  Over a decade ago I began a serious study of how to discharge my responsibilities as a business leader in a way that harmonized those responsibilities with my deeply held principles of faith.

My findings and observations of how to successfully integrate work and faith are contained in my book, What if Jesus Carried a Briefcase?  But I have also developed a series of presentations and keynote addresses that summarize Distinctively Christian Business Leadership principles and practices and encourage and uplift audiences to embrace the idea that God is not apart from their work and that they cannot become the leader they were meant to be apart from God.

I have also developed and enjoy leading and facilitating a seven session Bible study on the principles of Distinctively Christian Business Leadership where participants dig more deeply into the practical side of integrating their work responsibilities with their faith.

Presentations are available for one hour, three hour and full day seminars.