What If Jesus Carried A Briefcase?


Business leaders who read my book will be encouraged and uplifted as they seek to employ their principles of faith in their work lives.  Following the format of a weekly devotional, the book is a leadership manual that imparts positive effects on Christian business leaders in four distinct but inter-related ways:

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I invite you to purchase by book, What if Jesus Carried a Briefcase?  Written in the style of a weekly devotional the book is based upon a simple assertion and an even simpler premise:

God is not apart from your work; and You cannot become the best the leader you can be apart from God

The weekly devotionals in What if Jesus Carried a Briefcase? provide practical advice to Christian business leaders as they seek to harmonize their principles of faith in their work and careers.  Written in everyday business language, its weekly messages are practical and executable in a business setting teaching leaders how to apply godly wisdom and use spiritual discernment when choosing among alternative courses of actions.  Its messages will reduce risks of making wrong decisions and lessen the anxiety associated with perceived conflicts between Christian ideals and the secular world values most businesses operate within.

What if Jesus Carried a Briefcase? uniquely bridges the gap between what Christian business leaders believe in (the Bible) and their work-related responsibilities.

May God richly bless you in your role as a Christian business leader.


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